The corrugated packaging industry is a significant contributor to global packaging waste, which has harmful effects on the environment. Sustainability in this industry refers to the use of environmentally friendly practices and materials to reduce the negative impact of packaging on the environment. It is important to address sustainability in this industry, because the demand for packaging is continuously increasing and unsustainable practices such as deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions are harming our planet.

By adopting sustainable practices, the corrugated packaging industry can reduce its environmental impact and improve its reputation with consumers, who are increasingly concerned about the environment. In addition, sustainable practices can also lead to cost savings for the industry by reducing waste and increasing efficiency. This can make corrugated packaging a more attractive option for businesses looking to balance environmental responsibility with their bottom line.

At Guan’s Packaging, we are taking proactive measures to reduce our environmental impact and set an example to others in the industry. Our entire approach to the manufacturing process reflects our commitment to a “green economy.” Innovative thinking is key to reduce our environmental impact throughout the manufacturing process. By exploring new technologies, materials, and processes, we identified and implemented ways to minimize waste, reduce energy consumption, and promote sustainability.

Obtaining our Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody accreditation is among the most important sustainable practices we have implemented. As a corrugated packaging manufacturer, sourcing raw materials from eco-managed pulp production mills that are fully FSC accredited, assures us that the paper we use in producing our products, are sourced from responsibly managed forests that adhere to high environmental, social, and economic standards. This is an important step towards promoting a green economy and protecting the environment. By choosing FSC-certified products, we contribute to the preservation of forests and biodiversity, as well as support the rights and well-being of workers and local communities that depend on them. By obtaining our FSC certification we can enhance our reputation and tap into new markets that place a high priority on sustainability.

In Namibia, Guan’s Packaging was the first to install an Exhaust Scrubber System, which remove dangerous pollutants from the exhaust gases produced by our boiler. This system significantly reduces the negative environmental impact associated with boiler operations. We are contributing in reducing air pollution and climate change by stopping the release of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The use of this system is crucial for ensuring a sustainable future and preserving the planet for future generations. It is a step towards achieving global environmental goals and promoting responsible industrial practices.

Guan’s Packaging has been the recipient of several awards, including the prestigious S.N.I.E.D.A. award in 2013. Being the only manufacturer in Namibia to receive the Sam Nujoma Innovation Enterprise Development Award allows us to stand out in this field and demonstrates that we set the standard in the manufacturing sector.

We have also received several awards for Most Environmentally Friendly Manufacturer, and we have held the title of Overall Large Manufacturer of the Year at the NMA Awards since 2016. Having received a total of 18 awards, indicates that local and national Namibian ministries and associations have acknowledged our valuable contributions to the community. This recognition highlights our commitment to excellence and our dedication to delivering high-quality products and services.

With the continued commitment towards new machinery, along with a capable and driven workforce, hosting daily waste meetings and implementing innovative methods, we have created a recognizable “green culture” throughout the entire organization. Waste reduction is a top priority for the entire team. With this approach, we have decreased our waste percentages significantly and managed to constantly improve efficiencies. Not only does this tactic save on costs, it also has a great impact on our environmental footprint.

By providing customers with a water-based barrier coating for their cartons which extends the life of their product while maintaining its ability to be recycled, we can reduce waste and promote sustainability. It’s encouraging to see that this product has gained popularity in the fishing industry, which is notorious for its impact on the environment. Overall, the use of environmentally friendly coatings is a positive development that can contribute to a more sustainable future.

One of our major social responsibility projects is to provide “Bin Boxes” to public events and venues in an effort to promote recycling, reduce waste, and foster a cleaner environment. These “bin boxes” are offered free of charge as an effective and practical way to get rid of waste in public areas. Additionally, these boxes can be recycled after use, making them a sustainable option that promotes the circular economy and is a great way to help create a cleaner, more sustainable community and nation.

Embracing a “green” economy approach to manufacturing and adopting innovative solutions are essential actions for promoting sustainability and minimizing waste. This approach not only benefits the environment but also has a positive impact on society and the economy. It demonstrates a commitment to responsible business practices and builds a reputation as a socially responsible organization that cares about the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants. We are fully committed to improving all aspects of our business and are continually looking for new and innovative ways to achieve sustained excellence. We truly believe in continuous improvement to ensure the future growth and development of our business, which is why we continue to invest in machinery, new technologies, our environment, and, most importantly, our people. We will continue to strive for excellence and contribute positively to the growth and development of Namibia’s economy for many years to come. Hopefully, our efforts will inspire others in the industry to do the same.

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